Man Takes Bribe, Wife Burns Currency

10 Oct, 2020 08:29 IST|Sakshi Post

Money is everything. People do anything for money. But, look at what a woman did with the money that her husband took as a bribe and when the cops caught her husband in the act. She simply tried to burn the same money that her husband tried to take as bribe.

On Thursday, Devarapalle section forest officer Ramesh Kumar near Vizag demanded and took a bribe of Rs 10000 from a wood contractor for allowing him to fell trees.  The contractor, identified as B Srinu, approached the ACB and the ACB laid a trap for the forest officer. Even as he collected the bribe amount, the ACB officials surrounded his house.

Seeing this, Ramesh Kumar’s wife Vasantha grabbed the currency notes and rushed into the kitchen. She lit a fire and tried to throw the currency notes into it to eliminate all traces of evidence. One Rs 500 face value note burned partially, but the ACB sleuths rushed in to the kitchen to salvage the currency notes. They put out the fire.

They booked a case against Ramesh Kumar for taking a bribe and on Vasantha for trying to destroy the evidence. Ramesh Kumar has since been arrested.

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