1,500 Bed COVID Care Centre In AP

19 Jul, 2020 15:30 IST|Sakshi Post

ANANTAPUR: To take care of COVID-19 patients in the state, a civil supplies warehouse is being converted into a 1,500 bed COVID care centre with 12 blocks at Raminepally near Raptadu in Anantapur district. The works pertaining to the conversion are going on a war-footing.

Of the 12 blocks in the centre, two blocks will be allocated for women. The sheds are being set up with all facilities for the doctors, staff nurses and sanitary staff, providing services to COVID-19 patients. Each block consisting of 125 beds is being set up in the Centre and a total of 180 free fabricated toilets are being set up for patients.

In the centre, two clinical laboratories along with ECG, X-Ray and blood sample collection lab are being set up at the centre.

A total of Rs 8.50 crore is being spent for the conversion of a warehouse into a large COVID-19 centre.

"Construction work of COVID Care Center is going on a war footing. All facilities will be made available soon without any inconvenience to the patients. We are setting up special sheds to house doctors, medical staff and sanitation workers. We are reviewing the progress of the works from time to time," Joint Collector A. Siri said.

Recently, the world's largest 10,000 bed COVID care has been set up in Delhi and is named after Sardar Vallabhai Patel. In line with the Delhi COVID centre, the state government is setting up the COVID care centre with 1,500 beds.

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