Naidu reminded of YSR at every step of padayatra

8 Oct, 2012 21:01 IST|Sakshi
Naidu reminded of YSR at every step of padayatra

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, claimed that his padayatra was to learn about the problems of farmers on a first hand basis.

When Naidu decided to go on a padayatra his colleagues reminded him that the TDP lost two consecutive general elections and even the recent by-polls for ignoring the welfare of the farmers.

Following his colleagues' advice, whenever Naidu stands in front of a gathering, he assures farmers of giving utmost priority to their problems and blames either the YSRCP or Congress parties. Oddly enough, Naidu who showed little concern for the farmer during his reign, has been stressing the importance of agriculture. It is rather strange to hear him say that something should be done to help the farming sector.

On the fourth day of his padayara, Naidu said that he will continue to assist farmers to bail them out of poverty. But Naidu forgot the fact that during his regime from 1999-2004, his party had completely ignored the welfare of farmers and also lakhs of farmers in many districts had lived in misery.  Moreover, his government had failed to provide the required assistance to them.

During his first four days of padayatra, very few  farmers interacted with him that too under pressure from the local party cadre. Emphasizing that he had undertaken the padayatra for the sake of the people, Naidu tried to interact with the farmers with very little success.

According to sources, a large number of farmers including women, interacted with Naidu on the seventh day of his padayatra and complained to him about their day today problems. The farmers told him that they have health problems, lacked drinking water sources and were plagued by unemployment among the other things.

Naidu after listening to farmers vent their grievances, tends to  accuse other opposition parties and blames the government for all the woes of the world.

But when women told him that the present government  burdened them with two rupees interest by subverting  the Pavala Vaddi scheme (  initiated by Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy) or about inadequate healthcare support under Arogyasri, Naidu changes the topic immediately.

When farmers talked about health issues, reservoirs and loans, Naidu keeps mum. He does not criticize government for any of these problems.

From the way Naidu has been going about on his padayatra, it looks as though he seems to be reminded of Dr. YSR at every step of his walkathon.

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