Movie Review: Nirmala Convent

16 Sep, 2016 15:41 IST|Sakshi
Fresh faces and not so fresh storyline

Title: Nirmala Convent

Genre: Romantic youthful drama

Cast: Nagarjuna (cameo), Roshan, Shriya Sharma, LB Sriram, Anita Chowdary.

Music: Roshan Saluri

Direction: G Nageswara Reddy

Producers: Annapurna Studios, Matrix Team Works

Nirmala Convent is a debut film for four budding talents - Srikanth's son Roshan and music director Koti's son Roshan Saluri, Shriya Sharma, who graduated from child artiste and Rahman's son AR Ameen. How perfect is this launch vehicle for these four young talents? Let's see.


Studious and single-focused Samuel (Roshan) is a student of Nirmala Convent. He falls in love with his classmate Santhi (Shriya Sharma. As usual, poverty comes in the way and like in Patala Bhairavi of yore, the hero goes to Hyderabad to earn money and become rich. How he makes money, how Nagarjuna comes into picture, will Santhi and Samuels get to tie the knot for the story of the much-awaited film.


Roshan clearly steals the show and doesn't make it look like it's his debut film. He looks good too, combining the pretty traits from both father Srikanth and mother Ooha, also an actor. Shriya Sharma looks pretty and emotes well. Nag's cameo is the highlight of the film. It also added to the promotion of the film and manages to elevate the film's profile. The other actors do their bit.


Since the film's story is a much-beaten track, the director has a task on hand to elevate the film with his work. However, Nageswara Reddy falters. The scenes that seek to portray Roshan as a clever guy look tame. another weak point is the comedy track. It doesn't strike a chord with the young viewers. The Music is good and Kotha Kotha Bhasha is already a rage. The production values are good.

Plus Points


Roshan, Shriya Sharma

Minus Points

Weak Storyline

Routine taking


Routine fare worth a watch particularly for the freshness it manages to bring. 

Roshan and Shriya Sharma
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