Man Walks With His Ailing Wife On Shoulder To Hospital 4km Away

16 Sep, 2016 15:12 IST|Sakshi
Arjun Karsika carried his ailing wife on his shoulder for 4 km to reach hospital 

Rayagada:  In yet another pitiable incident in Odisha, a man was forced to carry his ailing wife on his shoulder to walk up to a hospital 4km away from his remote village.

It comes close on the heels of the heart-rending incident of a tribal man from the same state carrying his dead wife on his shoulder for 10 km as he was denied an ambulance.

In the latest incident, a tribal man in Rabuguda village under Dhamuni Panga gram panchayat in Orissa’s Rayagada district walked nearly 4km carrying his ailing wife on his shoulders to reach the community health center at Kalyansinghpur.

The tribal remote village has in Rayagada district has no transportation due to lack of connectivity roads

According to reports, Arjun Karsika of Rabuguda on Wednesday had to carry his wife Ruai (30), who was suffering from fever for over a week, to the CHC on his shoulders due to lack of road connectivity to the village. He crossed the river with his wife on his shoulder to reach the hospital as there was no way even for an ambulance.

“There is no way for transportation from our village. We are not able to take a patient to the nearby hospital. Calling an ambulance will be of no use as there is no way for ambulance to reach the village. So, I decided to carry her on my shoulder as she was severely ill,” said Karsika.

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