Kadiyam embarrasses Errabelli yet again

8 Oct, 2014 17:09 IST|Sakshi
Kadiyam embarrasses Errabelli yet again

Senior TRS leader Kadiyam Srihari is leaving no stone unturned to embarras the TDP and its leader in Warangal Errabelli Dayakar Rao over latter's possible defection into the TRS.

Kadiyam on Wednesday once again made it clear that they will not allow Errabelli to join the TRS. He reportedly made an appeal to KCR not to encourage Errabelli's floor-crossing.

Speaking at a meeting at Hanumakonda, Kadiyam wondered why is he criticizing KCR when he is roaming around TRS bhavan during late nights.
Retorting at Revanth Reddy's remarks on KCR, the TRS leader said that KCR as already implemented several schemes that he had promised in the party's manifesto.

"You are saying you don't want to join TRS. Stick to your words if you have any political ethic," he asked Errabelli.

Recently, In a major embarrassment to Errabelli, who has been denying rumors of joining the TRS, Kadiyam openly asked him "did not you call me to help you in joining TRS?". This statement of Kadiyam before the hundreds of TDP and TRS activists left Errabelli squirming.

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