Janmabhoomi only to benefit TDP cadre

30 Dec, 2015 17:02 IST|Sakshi
Janmabhoomi only to benefit TDP cadre

Pooh-poohing the third phase of Janmabhoomi of TDP beginning January 2, the YSR Congress Party has said that the State has been weakening the Panchayat Raj institution by taking away the powers of elected representations of local bodies and placing them in the hands of committees laden with party cadre.

" When the officials and committee members tour the villages in the third phase, the people should ask the TDP as to what was the outcome of the first and second phases of Janmbhoomi .,’ party MP YV Subba Reddy said on Wednesday.
Talking to media persons, he said the government has been reducing the elected public representatives to non-entities by empowering the Janmabhoomi committee members to take decisions and clear applications. This goes against the spirit of the panchayat raj and decentralization of power. Even the MLA funds earmarked for constituency development are being usurped by TDP local leaders wherever YSRCP has representation and this is a blot on the democratic functioning, he said.
There are lakhs of applications pending but not a single redressal was there. While 10 lkah applications have coming for house, the government claims that it has cleared some 6 lakh applications but not single house has come up, he pointed out.
"The government is more bent on publicity than on the welfare activity and the Janmabhoomi is an alibi to benefit the party cadre hoodwinking elected representatives,’ he said and asked the people to question the results of the earlier two phases of Janmabhoomi and if the state intends to give the governance as well to the Janmabhoomi committee.

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