'Have experience of riding bicycle in Rayalaseema'

28 Jul, 2014 13:56 IST|Sakshi
'Have experience of riding bicycle in Rayalaseema'

Film comedian Sunil entertained the public with his speeches at Gulladurti village of Kovelakuntla mandal in Kurnool district on Monday.

He came to the village to unveil the statue of Samuel Hahnemann, the godfather of Homeopathy.

He entertained the people there with his jokes and others.

“Konaseema people are over eager, while the people of Rayalaseema are known for their valour,” commented the actor.

He said that he used to work in a diagnostic centre for a salary of Rs.1200 before entering the films. “Then, I used to keep aside the first ten patients in order to send the aged patients first,” recalled the comedian.

Referring to his experince in cycling, he quipped: "I have the experience of riding the bicycle in the streets of Rayalaseema,” said Sunil.
- Sakshipost

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