Actor Vimal Assaults Another Actor In Tamil Nadu 

12 Mar, 2019 12:08 IST|Sakshi
Actor Vimal Assaults Another Actor In Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, Perambur: Actor Vimal created a ruckus in an intoxicated state on Saturday. Along with his followers, Vimal ended up physically assaulting another young actor. Following this, the actor filed a complaint with the police against Vimal and a case has been registered.

Going into the details, a native of Bengaluru, Abhishek is a newcomer in the industry and resides in Virugambakkam. He starred in Aven Ival Aadu. On Saturday night, Abhishek who was speaking on the phone at the terrace of his apartment was interrupted by actor Vimal.

The actor along with four of his followers asked Abhishek whether they could spend time on the terrace. In response, Abhishek said that he was not responsible as he was not the house owner.

Subsequently, Vimal, who was in an intoxicated condition got into a brawl with Abhishek resulting in the latter sustaining severe injuries. Abhishek was admitted to a local hospital and underwent treatment. Later, he filed a complaint against Vimal at Virugambakkam police station. The police have launched an investigation in this regard.

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