Why Geetha Madhuri fought with Kaushal?

18 Aug, 2018 13:48 IST|Sakshi
Geetha Madhuri

Geetha Madhuri is a playback singer in Tollywood. She rose to fame with the song''Ninne Ninne'' from Tanish-Madhavi Latha's Nachavule film which became a blockbuster hit. Industry people call her the Shreya Ghosal of south. She got married to Ananda Krishna Nandu, also a singer and worked in several Telugu films including Naga Chaitanya's 100% Love.

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Geetha Madhuri is now a contestant of the ongoing season of bigg boss, which is being hosted by none other than Nani. Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal are good friends inside the house. It is a known fact that when tasks were assigned to contestants, every contestant wants to win which leads to clashes within the house.

During a recent task, Geetha and Kaushal had a fight. Ever since the show started, Geetha and Kaushal have stood by each other as strong pillars. However, Geetha lost her temper during the call center task and yelled at him.

Kaushal and Nutan were miffed by Roll Rida's deceit and they stated that he can never play a game fairly. Geetha pointed to the double standards of Kaushal which led to an argument between them. Latest rumors suggest that Geetha is progbably losing her opinion of kaushal. She thought highly of him. Now, it appears that she no longer has a soft corner for Kaushal.

We already informed you that, whoever messes up or targets Kaushal would be eliminated. The Kaushal army has even composed a song to this effect which has gone viral on social media platforms. But wait, we are not telling you that Geetha Madhuri could be next in line for elimination because she too enjoys a massive fan following. Yet Geetha's fight with Kaushal has become a hot topic of discussion in Telly circles given that she maintained a cordial relationship with him all this while. Then why did she fight with Kaushal? Why didn't Kaushal too patch up with her? Is there a plot that we are missing? do you have any idea? Let us know in the comments section below.

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