AP Buddhist sites not on Centre's pilgrimage list?

9 Dec, 2012 13:18 IST|Sakshi
AP Buddhist sites not on Centre's pilgrimage list?

When Tollywood megastar Chiranjeevi got a berth in the Union cabinet, it was a great news to his fans. The joy multiplied when he was handed the portfolio—minister of state for tourism.

A thrilled Chiranjeevi had said that he would focus more on the unexplored exotic locales in Andhra Pradesh so the rich culture of the land can be showcased to the world.
Thus, one hoped that he would put certain places in the state on the world map. However, looks like that's not to be as reports suggests that the recent list of prominent spiritual sites doesn't have a single Buddhist site from the region. 
There are at least 150 Buddhist sites in the state. While some are renowned regions, some others are in bad shape needing immediate attention and restoration work. Sadly, none of these figure in the Union tourism ministry's list!
Unfortunately, several Buddisht sites in the region are in a state of neglect and  thus remain hidden from the tourist's hotspots.
Experts allege that the government isn't doing enough to develop these sites into hot tourist destinations.
It's a known fact now that Buddhism is widely practiced and accepted across the globe. Thus the interest for monasteries and Buddhist temples draws great numbers of people. Hence developing these regions can generate good revenue to the state from the tourists too.
Hope Chiranjeevi's inclusion in the Union Cabinet, especially in the tourism sector will work favourably for the state.

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