My Brother A Sacrificial Lamb Now: Srinivasa Rao’s Sister

5 Nov, 2018 14:11 IST|Sakshi
Srinivasa Rao

Someone plotted the murder attempt on YSR Congress president, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and made my brother carry it out. They might have threatened to kill him if he reveals their names which is why he is silent. They might have lured him with the promise of money which is why he must have thought of buying some land. That is probably why he did this. But even if they were to part with money, what is the use now? My brother has been made a scapegoat—These are the words of YS Jagan attacker Jenipalli Srinivasa Rao's sister, Rathnakumari.

Sobbing as she was speaking in Mummidivaram of East Godavari, she told Sakshi that they could not imagine how Srinivasa Rao, who did not have a penny in his pocket could attempt to carry out such a heinous act. She added, "Whoever assigned him this job, we fear, will now get him killed. I am unable to believe that my brother resorted to a crime of this proportions. I don't know what the plotters behind this crime would now do to him and I am worried about my brother."

Rathnakumari lamented that her brother was now in jail and whoever is responsible for what happened, will not bother about him anymore. She pointed out that only after Srinivasa Rao went to Visakhapatnam that he underwent this change. "They must have threatened him," she added. He always used to use a very basic phone and I am unable to believe that he could do all these," she said.

Referring to Srinivasa Rao, she said: "He was always short of money and would borrow Rs 20-30 from me. He did not have enough money to fill fuel in his vehicle."

It is as if we have lost one sibling of the six of us. This is how I felt after watching the visuals on television channels in which he screams about a threat to his life, she said, adding,I am not sure if he would return.

Srinivasa Rao's father Thatha Rao said, "God alone can save my son. We bring up children but we cannot predict the path they will take. My wife has not been well and now my son has committed such a grave crime. I am unable to comprehend this and think of what to do. I am sure whether he would come back soon. I never thought he would do something like this."

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