Acting lessons for actor?

22 Sep, 2012 20:22 IST|Sakshi
Acting lessons for actor?

We know what a consummate actor Chandrababu is! Therefore, news that he went to directors to take lessons in acting, strikes us as very odd indeed.

There were reports that Chandrababu sought advice from Murali Mohan, and some well-known directors such as Raja Mouli, Srinu Vaytla and Teja on dialogue delivery and facial expressions.

It is also said that he is seriously working on his appearance and facial expressions at home. All this is by way of preparation for his Jana Chaitanya Yatra. Some of these film directors are reported to have advised him with some tips on how to mingle with the masses closely by acting like a family member and how to modulate voice and emote at public meetings.  But oddly enough, Chandrababu  has not sought any advice from his famous actor brother-in-law Bala Krishna.

The TDP has put together a special music album for Chandrababu's tour which has six songs  written by Suddala Ashok Teja, Rama Jogaiah and Vandemataram Srinivas.

Chandrababu's problem is that he needs all this because he lacks genuineness and sincerity.

His biggest fear is that he will fall flat on his face in trying to do a YSR. The fear is not misplaced because the common masses can discern between a welfare-minded leader whose heart used to beat for them and one who is trying to con them into believing that they can be fooled all the time.
- Siva@sakshipost


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