210KMPH Speed Was The Cause Of Fatal Accident: Post-Mortem Report  

10 May, 2017 12:28 IST|Sakshi
Nishith Narayana and his friend Raja Ravi Varma; (left) the speedometer stuck near 210km in the car.

Hyderabad: It was found that the Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML 63 AMG was at a speed of 210kmph at the time of accident that killed AP Minister P. Narayana's son Nishith Narayana and his friend Raja Ravi Varma at 2.41am at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad on Wednesday. The high-end SUV which costs around Rs1.70 crore with most effective safety airbags was completely damaged killing both Nishith who was driving and his friend in the other front seat.

The airbags opened but blasted with the impact of the crash. Nishith's lungs were found broken into pieces. It took nearly two hours for the locals who rushed to the spot after hearing a loud noise to retreive the bodies from the car.

The forensic experts who conducted post-mortem on the bodies of Nishith and Ravi Varma confirmed that the cause of accident was the high speed at which the car was being driven at the time. They found no remnants of alchohol in their bodies. Nishith sustained grievous injuries on chest and in the ribcage and he died instantaneously due to the severity. His lever and lungs were also severly damaged. Ravi Varma who also sustained serious injuries died after a few minutes. The post-mortem was conducted by Osmania General Hospital doctors at Apollo Hospital.

The body of Nishith is being shifted to Nellore where the funeral will be held on Thursday. Narayana is expected to arrive in Nellore by this night.

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