YSRSCP flays Muddu

29 Oct, 2015 16:56 IST|Sakshi
YSRSCP flays Muddu

Taking strong objection to the remarks of TDP leader on the party fielding a candidate in the Warangal Lok Sabha by-election, YSR Congress has said that it would fight the poll on its own and has been very active in the region.

‘Why should a TDP leader from Andhra comment on the Telangana affairs of our party and it is very clear that we have taken public issues in all the ten districts of Telangana and are fighting the polls on our own,’ party leader Yadma Kista Reddy told reporters on Thursday.

Muddukrishnama Naidu alleging that YSR Congress is pitting a candidate only to split the votes has no meaning as we have a strong base in Warangal and YSR welfare schemes will be our main plank besides exposing the anti-people policies of the TRS,’ he said. Fearing defeat and its exposure in the cash for vote scam, TDP has given up the seat to its ally BJP and Mudu Krishnama Naidu who switches sides with ease has no moral right to speak on Telangana affairs.

‘After losing out Nagari in the hands of YSRCP candidate RK Roja, he has been back to his old behavior of mudslinging. When he was with NTR and Chandarbabu Naidu had split the Party, he made wild allegations against him and now he joined the same man whom he had criticized heavily,’ he said. ‘The notion that we are in the field to split votes is absolutely wrong and we will be fighting on our strength and the image of YSR family,’ he said.

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