YSRCP rejects TDP land pooling policy

9 Dec, 2014 17:32 IST|Sakshi
YSRCP rejects TDP land pooling policy

Rejecting the TDP Government’s land pooling policy for capital formation, YSR Congress has said that it will oppose tooth and nail any such move that lacks transparency, legal sanctity and promotes commercial interests leaving the farmers in the lurch and aghast.

“Our stand that the capital formation issue is only to benefit the inner circle of TDP leadership is vindicated with the State announcing that two private companies will be taking up the building of the capital which is a move heavily loaded with commercial interests and we reject such proposals,” party spokesperson Dharmana Prasada Rao told reporters here on Tuesday.

Till recently the Chief Minister has given the impression that Singapore will partner with the State Government in capital formation but the State made it clear, after the preliminary discussions on the land acquisition, that it will only provide technical know-how and expertise while the building of the capital will be done by two private companies.

Turning the capital formation into a mercantile activity is unbecoming of a State Government in a democratic set-up as it has to take all stake holders, including the opposition parties into confidence before taking up a project of such a grand scale which will percolate beyond the term of the present government, he said.

Taking a decision on such an important issue arbitrarily without any proper debate is not acceptable and we will oppose the move at all forums. A decision of such a magnitude has to be taken after considering various issues, including legal sanctity, but it appears the proposal is floated only to create a market and benefit private parties.

While acquiring land the Central Act should be taken into account and the decision should stand legal scrutiny. As the land proposed to be acquired is very fertile the farmers should get the benefit and be stake holders of the development process but not a couple of companies that have close connections with the state government, he said adding that the State has violated the crucial law of discussing the issue with all stakeholders.

We demand the State function in a transparent manner and take decision that stands legal scrutiny and will be helpful to the locals. There are many cases pending on land disputes which take long periods for settlement if the law of the land is not followed, he said.

As the Centre places all the revenue and expenditure and deficit of the budget on public domain every month, the State should also emulate the Centre and place the figures on public domain to be transparent, he said.

“Our Party President YS Jagan Moahn Reddy has written a letter to Chief Minister in which he has raised very valid points and the State should respond immediately,” he said.

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