Woman Helps Paramour To Kill Her Husband; 5 Arrested

5 Jan, 2018 14:04 IST|Sakshi
Jyothi, Deepak, Gaurav, Naresh and Bismillah  

Hyderabad: The case of a woman killing her husband and trying to pass her paramour off as her husband by burning his face, hoping to get plastic surgery done on him later, is still fresh in our minds.

Even as her plans failed and she landed in jail along with her paramour, another woman in a similar incident killed her husband with the help of her paramour and ended up behind bars on Thursday.

25 year-old Jyothi who was in a relationship with one Deepak of Nacharam area, planned to eliminate her husband, Nagaraju, so she can live with her paramour happily ever after. As planned, on December 30, Deepak supplied sleeping pills to Jyothi who laced her huband’s glass of milk with them. After he fell unconscious, Deepak and his friends--Bismillah Khan, Gaurav and Naresh--entered the house and smothered Nagaraju with a pillow.

Then they bundled the body into a car and drove towards Nalgonda. When they reached Ankireddypalem outskirts, they tried to dump Nagaraju's body in a secluded place. But as he was still alive, they hit him with a boulder and ensured that he was dead. They abandoned the body there and returned to the city.

After being alerted about the abandoned body, Bhuvanagiri police identified it as Kammari Nagaraju(40) of Karmanghat in the city. The police confirmed it after cross-checking with his family and handed over the body after post-mortem.

The case remained a mysterious murder until one of the killers, Naresh, attempted to commit suicide by slitting his throat with a blade, but was rescued by his friends. He revealed the murder story to police and claimed that he just accompanied them but they were trying to implicate him in the murder of Nagaraju.

Based on his confession, the Bhuvanagiri police took Jyothi into custody and during interrogation she admitted to have killed her husband on at the behest of her paramour, Deepak. The police arrested Deepak, his friends Bismillah Khan, Naresh (the man who tried to commit suicide by slitting his throat fearing arrest on Thursday) and Nadiyal Gaurav.

Bhuvanagiri DSP Ramachandra Reddy produced all the five accused before media on Friday. Giving a blow-by-blow account of the case, Reddy said Jyothi was in love with Deepak before her marriage with Nagaraju, a carpenter, in 2012. The couple had a son and a daughter. She wanted to revive her relationship with Deepak, which was aborted because of her marriage to Nagaraju. Deepak and Jyothi planned to eliminate her husband so they can marry and live together happily.

All the accused involved in this murder are now behind bars.

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