US Condemns Chinese Incursions At India’s Borders As ‘Provocative And Disturbing’

21 May, 2020 09:36 IST|Sakshi
US Condemns Chinese Incursions At India’s Borders As ‘Provocative And Disturbing’

WASHINGTON: The US today condemned China's behaviour at the Indian borders at Ladakh. Calling the Chinese incursions as "provocative and disturbing'', that poses questions about how China seeks to use its growing power", the US said. A strong statement by Alice Wells, Outgoing Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asia, came days after several instances of Chinese incursion by land and air, one of which led to a face-off between Indian and Chinese troops.

"That's why you've seen a rallying of like-minded nations whether it is in ASEAN or through other diplomatic groupings like the trilateral with the US, Japan and India, or the Quad -- conversations globally about how we can reinforce the principles of the post-World War II global order that supported free and open trade, that raised all boats including the Chinese boat," added Alice Wells.

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Earlier this month, Indian and Chinese soldiers were involved in a face off on the banks of the high-altitude Pangong Lake in Eastern Ladakh and also in North Sikkim. Several Indian and Chinese soldiers were injured in the incident in Ladakh. Chinese helicopters were also seen operating in the disputed region in eastern Ladakh.

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