Spain’s 113-year-old Woman Survives Coronavirus 

13 May, 2020 15:10 IST|Sakshi
Maria Branyas (File Image)

SPAIN: The dangerous coronavirus is claiming the lives of many people and especially the elderly are more susceptible to COVID-19 infection. The virus has spread to many countries and Spain is one of the most worst-hit countries with the coronavirus pandemic.

But, this news will give hope to everyone that, anyone who got infected with coronavirus can survive and become healthy if some strict rules are followed. A 113-year-old woman in Spain got recovered after being infected with the coronavirus. She is staying at a retirement home and many other residents who are from the same home, died due to COVID-19.

Maria Branyas got infected with coronavirus in April at the Santa Maria del Tura care home in the eastern city of Olot. She has been staying there for 20 years. She went into isolation in her own room and survived the disease. As per the reports, she is doing well and was tested negative.

Branyas, a mother of three was kept in her room for weeks. Only one employee in a protective gear was allowed to check the health condition of Branyas. Roso Moret, the daughter of Branyas expressed happiness as her mother was normal again.

Branyas was born on March 4, 1907 in San Franciso and later moved to Spain with her family on a boat during World War I. Her father worked as a journalist and he was from northern Spain. The grand old woman also lived through the Spanish Flu pandemic (1918-19) and Spain's Civil War (1936-39).

A video was posted on the Twitter handle La Vanguardia. In the video, Branyas was calling the staff at the residence, very kind and attentive. To a question about the secret of her long life, Branyas replied that she is lucky to enjoy good health. Here is the video. Check it out!

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