World’s First Coronavirus Vaccine Found, Italy Claims!

6 May, 2020 18:06 IST|Sakshi
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ROME: With the COVID-19 numbers continue to surge across the globe, Italy claims to have developed the world's first corona vaccine that works on human cells.

According to the reports from Italy's leading news agency ANSA, the tests carried out at Rome's Spallanzani Hospital showed that the COVID-19 vaccine inserted in the rats has antibodies that work on human cells.

This coronavirus vaccine has been invented by a firm called Takis in Italy, reports said.

As per reports, Italian scientists conducted the test on mice and after a single vaccination, the mice developed antibodies that neutralised the COVID-19 virus in human cells. The test proved that the vaccine formed blocks the virus from infecting the human cells.

Researchers selected the two vaccine candidates out of five that showed a large number of antibodies. The vaccine candidates are being tested based on the genetic material of DNA protein spike and have shown resistance to COVID-19 cells.

Italian scientists are expecting better results from the selected two after the second vaccination. They also believed that the vaccines could also adapt to any future mutations of the virus.

Reports from the agency also said that human trials are expected to begin post summer.

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