Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo’s Private Messages To Mistress Leaked

13 Feb, 2019 12:57 IST|Sakshi
Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos   Inset: Lauren Sanchez

Washington: Investigators working for Jeff Bezos have reportedly concluded that the intimate text messages published by the National Enquirer were leaked by the brother of the Amazon boss’s mistress, Lauren Sanchez.

The team, led by investigator Gavin de Becker, believed that Michael Sanchez – the brother of Mr Bezos’s girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez – gave the texts to the tabloid, several media reports have suggested.

The investigators have not said how they believe Mr Sanchez came into possession of his sister’s intimate messages.

Mr Sanchez has previously denied he was involved in leaking the material and this weekend he attacked the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

While it said Mr Trump had been highly critical of Mr Bezos over his ownership of the The Washington Post and Amazon, and the Post’s coverage of the White House.

Mr Sanchez is a supporter of Mr Trump and an acquaintance of Trump allies Roger Stone and Carter Page. He is also the manager of Ms Sanchez, a former TV anchor.

Lauren Sanchez with her brother Michael Sanchez

Mr Sanchez was not the source of the informationand said the claims about him were “lies, half-truths, sloppy tabloid leaks and crazy conspiracy theories”.

The findings added to “the intrigue surrounding the clash between the pro-Trump tabloid and the world’s richest man”, the AP reported.

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