Not Enough Ketchup: US Woman Attacks McDonald’s Manager

29 Nov, 2018 08:21 IST|Sakshi
Photo of the accused Mayra Berenice Gallo

Los Angeles: A Californian woman was behind bars on Wednesday for beating and choking a McDonald's manager after discovering there wasn't enough ketchup in her order, police said.

Mayra Berenice Gallo, 24, apparently went into a rage on October 27 after ordering food through the drive-through at the fast food outlet in the town of Santa Ana in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Police spokesman Anthony Bertagna said that an infuriated Gallo stormed into the restaurant through the employee back entrance and started pushing and choking the victim after being told she couldn't be in that area. "She was irate that she didn't get ketchup," Bertagna said.The incident, which was caught on video, ended after a man accompanying Gallo pulled her away.

She was arrested on Tuesday after police received tips from the public and was being held on assault charges. Bertagna said such incidents are sadly becoming all too common.

"We're seeing more and more of this kind of stuff. Why? we don't know," he said. "We had one guy at a 7-Eleven (convenience store) who tried to buy a bag of almond M&M's and when his credit card didn't work, he basically trashed the store. (PTI)

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