Woman Grinds Snake And Makes Chutney Accidentally 

23 Jun, 2017 11:34 IST|Sakshi
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Mahabubnagar: In a shocking incident, a woman from Wanaparthy made tomato chutney with a snake in it on Thursday.

Golla Rajamma of Khilla Ghanpur made the chutney for the breakfast. She boiled the tomatoes and other ingredients and took a grinding stone to make it into a paste. Unnoticed of the snake lying in the hallow bottom of the stone, she smashed the snake along with the tomatoes in it and made chutney.

Rajamma along with her daughter Krishnaveni and younger son had the chutney in their breakfast and then the family took the chutney to the elder son Sai, who was in the field. While eating Sai noticed the tail of the snake and when he examined it clearly he found bits of snake in it.

The family rushed to the hospital and underwent medical checkup and the doctors said they were well.

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