Will Smriti Irani become President of India?

24 Nov, 2014 12:37 IST|Sakshi
Will Smriti Irani become President of India?

Smirti visited Nathuram Vyas, a famous astrologer at Bhilwada on Sunday along with her husband Zubin Irani.

She and her husband spent close to four hours closeted with the astrologer. Interestingly, Smriti expressed unwillingness to become the president, indicating that she wanted to be active politican for more days to come.
However, her visiting of an astrologer could prove to be a cannon fodder for her detractors, who are already up in arms over her academic qualification and her moves as HRD minister to veer towards right-wing intellectuals. Her visit could fuel a campaign against her both within and outside the party, feel analysts.



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