'Who's making the parrot talk in Jagan's case?'

13 May, 2013 14:56 IST|Sakshi
'Who's making the parrot talk in Jagan's case?'

" The CBI director himself revealed that CBI has to follow Congress' directions. CBI is a parrot in Centre's cage, they have to repeat what the Centre orders. Similarly, it has to be revealed at whose behest is the CBI acting in Jagan's case. Who's making the parrot talk against Jagan has to come out. Who's ordering the CBI? who's influencing it and who's making it act in a certain way—the answers for all these must come out," YSR Congress Party leader Sharmila demanded in a public meeting at Chintalapudi.

She demanded to know the answers for these on the behalf of the party. She urged the Supreme court to intervene and  order a comprehensive investigation into the influence of TDP and the Congress on Jagan's case.

Sharmila completed her foot march in Khammam and entered West Godavari district on Sunday evening.

Addressing a mammoth gathering, Sharmila said: "Since the day the case began how many leaders have poked their nose into the case and how many have influenced it, Supreme Court must order an investigation to find  out. To avoid Congress using the CBI to harass innocent people, the Court must put an end to it by initiating the probe. Investigation must also be done on how CBI has become puppet in the hands of the Congress. Saying that Jagan would influence the witness they kept him in jail for past one year. But did Jagan influence any one when he was outside? Did he even make such an attempt? CBI has no answer to this."

Jagan was arrested as his name appeared in the chargesheet. There were other  ministers' names too, but they are still outside. CBI must answer why they have not arrested those ministers. Who has the chance and power  to influence the witness is it the ministers or an ordinary MP? Even a child can understand that Jagan was arrested as he opposed the Congress party. "Has it happened before that a person has been arrested and kept behind bars without proving their guilt? Is it true then that Jagan is serving a jail term even before he's proved guilty? If Jagan gets a clean chit after the probe, who will bear responsibility for one year spent in jail? Can the CBI and detractors bring back the days Jagan wasted in jail?, she asked.

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