White Paper on TDP MoUs sought

11 Jan, 2016 17:12 IST|Sakshi
White Paper on TDP MoUs sought

The YSR Congress has demanded the TDP Government to bring out a White Paper on the MoUs signed by TDP Government during its previous term of nine years and the net investments that had flown in along with the number of jobs created. ‘The Partnership Summit which was inaugurated in Vizag was all big talk and little else like the previous ones and is only aimed at gaining momentary publicity, party MLA G Srikanth Reddy told reporters here on Monday.

During the nine-year term, Chandrababu Naidu government has organized six Partnership summits, and publicity was given that over lakhs of crores of rupees was flowing in as capital but not a single major industry has come in. One of the signatories of the MoUs was the AgriGold which is now facing serious charges. We demand that the Government publish a "White Paper on the total investment that has come in and the number of jobs provided as a result of the six Partnership Summits organized during Chandrababu Naidu’s previous nine year term as Chief Minister, he said.
The later Summit has given the projection of signing a slew of MoUs worth Rs 1.14 lakh crores to generate 18,000 MW of power. The Genco website shows that it can hold 4,560 MW while the total power, including all forms and the private sector as well work out to 13,680 MW. "
We have seen such jugglery of figures earlier as well and demand that a white paper be released so that public will know the past history of Chndrababu Naidu and his tall promises."While Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was sitting beside him, he could not take up the special status issue but the Summit rolled on in an unrealistic manner, he said. The facts and figures of Chandrababu Naidu have always been unrealistic. He went on to announce that the state would achieve16 % growth rate which is just impossible. During his previous term the per capita income was very meager when compared to YSR term and the TDP government was always having a revenue deficit while it was in surplus during YSR term.

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