Which party is Kadiyam eyeing?

11 May, 2013 11:16 IST|Sakshi
Which party is Kadiyam eyeing?

  Either politicians are very fickle minded or we are nuts. Wonder what we are talking about? Remember we had told you that senior TDP leader Kadiyam Srihari met TRS chief KCR's son KTR and also had a phone conversation with KCR? Well, yes that meeting and the consequent phone call had sparked off rumours that he was likely to join TRS.

After media speculated that the politburo member would bid adieu to TDP, Kadiyam was soon to rubbish those reports saying he will remain true to his party and its chief Chandrababu Naidu.
It was then the rumours that Kadiyam was unhappy with Naidu for not being given much importance in the party, had been put to rest.
But wait the story isn't over yet. If the new developments are anything to go by, then Kadiyam Srihari has indeed made up his mind to switch loyalties.
In a major jolt to TDP, the senior leader on saturday officially resigned from the party. The former TDP leader who had kept his distance from the party activities for quite sometime also announced that he has withdrawn his party membership.
It is learnt that Kadiyam faxed his resignation to Naidu. It's worth mentioning here that Kadiyam had a strong hold over the Telangana region as a Tribal leader. His exit from TDP has sent a shock to his party members.
Although speculation is still rife that he is set to join the TRS, Kadiyam is yet to confirm which party he will be joining.




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