When Murali Mohan loses his cool..

28 Jun, 2014 15:25 IST|Sakshi
When Murali Mohan loses his cool..

Actor-turned-politician and TDP MP Maganti Muralimohan lost his cool and shot back at the kin of the victims of GAIL tragedy at Kakinada government general hospital where they are undergoing treatment.

Gail gas pipeline exploded and burst into flames yesterday, claiming 16 lives, destroying homes and forcing the evacuation of neighboring villages.

The Rajahmundry MP on Saturday morning visited the injured persons at the hospital. 

Soon after Murali Mohan reached the hospital, the relatives of the victims questioned on the government failure in preventing the tragic incident. Scores of people also complained him that no one was helping them out and said nothing would be achieved by VIP visits. 

Instead of consoling them, the newly-elected MP lost his cool and shouted at them.  An Angry Murali Mohan asked: "Are you questioning me because the media is around?"

The people also alleged that their lives were shattered, crops were damaged and their houses burnt beyond recognition. But government support was minimal, they said. Irate Murali Mohan then said that money was given to the relatives of the victims.


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