WhatsApp pics send shivers down Traffic Cops’ spines

24 Sep, 2015 14:19 IST|Sakshi
WhatsApp pics send shivers down Traffic Cops’ spines

Hyderabad: Images of Hyderabad traffic police harassing street vendors at Uppal went viral on the social media. The photographs of traffic cops taking away baskets of fruits from the vendors were posted online and circulated via messaging apps like WhatsApp.

A youth, who has witnessed this act of the traffic police, clicked photographs and circulated them to his friends via WhatsApp These photographs soon went viral and many netizens were seen slamming the police for their shameful act.

However, the traffic CI Janaki Reddy said that they warned the street vendors about it as they were affecting the traffic. The CI also said that they had to take action against them as the traffic was moving at a snail-pace because of them.

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