What Makes Smartphones Unbreakable?

2 Mar, 2018 18:23 IST|Sakshi
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Want to buy a new phone with greater durability? Then this news is for you. A group of scientists have developed a new material to enhance the life of the phones even they fell down accidentally. The Miracle Material was developed with more flexibility and light weight and it is called Graphene.

The material is being used in the manufacturing of phones and devices to make the devices unbreakable. Fed up with the damaged phones and devices, the smartphone freaks are now looking up for the devices which are more durable and costs less. Most of the electronic devices are made with the combination of silicon and other compounds, which break easily.

The new material has been made by the amalgamation of different compounds like hBN and C60, which provides better stablity. The C60, which was used in the material, transforms sunlight into electricity.

Miracle material contains similar properties of silicon but with greater compatability and chemical stability.

As many of the invented electronic devices have a drawback, the miracle material comes out with a small issue when the user switches on or off his device. The flaw called band gap is reason behind the issue, on which the scientists are looking into it to make the material more helpful.

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