Gandhi Hospital’s Diet Chart For COVID-19 Patients: Telangana

9 Apr, 2020 16:11 IST|Sakshi
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HYDERABAD: As COVID-19 cases are seeing a drastic rise across the country, the state's medical staff which include doctors, nurses, and para medics are putting their best foot forward to bring COVID-19 patients out of danger, and to get rid of the virus.

The doctors at Gandhi Hospital are also doing their best, while putting their lives at risk, only to help battle the virus.

Speaking to the media, Corona nodal in charge of Gandhi Hospital and HoD of General Medicine, Dr Rajarao said that their medical staff is not only treating the virus, but also the mental stress that the patient is effected with.

He further said that most of the people coming to the hospital are patients with symptoms of cough, cold and fever. Only 20% of these patients are found to be positive with the virus. 5% of them are being treated in ICU and 2% of them are having to be treated with the help of a ventilator.

He further explained that the government has declared Gandhi Hospital to be the corona nodal center. The hospital has 500 beds in the ICU and 1000 beds in isolation wards.

Patients are being treated under the supervision of the Department of General Medicine, he added.

Dr. Rajarao further explained that it is not just the medicine that helps patients recover. A nutritious diet is also very important.

Below is the diet chart of what is being provided to the infected people at the hospital.

BREAKFAST: Tea, Milk, Bread with a choice of other breakfast items like idli, Roti and Dosa are being given in the morning.

LUNCH: Two types of vegetables, rice, curd, eggs and sambar are being given in the afternoon meal.

SUPPER or DINNER: Same meal as lunch is given in the night which includes two types of vegetables, rice, curd, roti and sambar.

Apart from the above diet chart, dry fruits are given in the evening and four mineral water bottles are provided per patient every day.

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