We Now Know How Bipasha Basu Keeps Herself Fit 

24 Oct, 2017 16:11 IST|Sakshi
I have never felt this passionate about fitness

Actress and fitness enthusiast Bipasha Basu says Zumba is her new-found secret to staying fit and that she has never felt so passionate about working out.

"I simply love the Zumba programme. I was first attracted to it when I heard its contagious music and rhythms and decided to take a class with renowned Zumba master trainer Sucheta Pal. I was hooked. I have never felt this passionate about fitness, " she said. It's all about feeling the music, enjoying the moves and allowing it to inspire you to be fitter and healthier," the Raaz star says. She feels the dance-based exercise routine also gives an emotional boost. "It is not (only) about physical transformation. The workout actually makes you smile. It's a great emotional boost to my day and any weight loss is an added bonus," she adds.

Master Trainer Pal said: "Bipasha brings high energy to everything she does. It was so exciting to have the pleasure to train her and I know she will join me in making Zumba a lifestyle for millions of Indians who love and follow her fitness regimen everyday."

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