Villagers, Politicians Help Madman To Dig National Highway For Sivalinga 

5 Jun, 2017 20:01 IST|Sakshi
Villagers and political leaders of Pembarti supported Godman Manoj to dig up the national highway for Sivalindga statue, 10 kms away from Jangaon town on Monday.

Jangaon: In a bizarre incident, villagers of Pembarti have dug up national highway following an instruction from a mentally unstable person to unearth a statue of Sivalinga. The villagers of Pembarti of Jangaon district on Monday gathered at Warangal-Hyderabad highway and started digging in the middle of the road disrupting the vehicular traffic.

The villagers are learnt to have followed the directions of a Godman named Manoj. He told the villagers that a Sivalinga should be exhumed right from the middle of the road. The locals brought a JCB and started digging in the middle of the road only to find mud and stones layer by layer. After a few minutes, they dug up a 10-feet-deep trench. After realising that there is no traces of any statue beneath the road, the villagers scooted from the scene.

Meanwhile, the police rushed to the scene and arrested Manoj along with five others. They registered a case against them. Manoj, who appears to be psychologically ill, stated that Lord Siva asked him to unearth the statue of Sivalinga in the dream.

If the villagers do not obey the command, they would be doomed by the curse of Lord Siva, he said. He further said that he had thought of digging for the statue on the auspicious day of Siva Rathri, but could not mobilise people on a large scale. Some political leaders and local elected representatives also extended support to him in digging the road, he said.

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