VH’s Sensational Comments Against Pawan Kalyan’s Double Standards

29 Jan, 2018 12:11 IST|Sakshi
Pawan Kalyan, V Hanumantha Rao 

Senior Congress Leader, V Hanumantha Rao made sensational comments against Jana Sena Party President Pawan Kalyan. "Pawan always speaks about the values and culture of India. How did he marry three people? It would be good if Pawan says how many times one person can marry.

Pawan can marry thrice but his former wife Renu Desai shouldn't marry others," remarked V Hanumantha Rao.

VH also revealed that Pawan had threatened Renu Desai against marrying again through his fan.

"It is funny that the person who doesn't follow Indian culture speaks about it," said the congress leader. It now remains to be seen what Pawan or Renu Desai have to say about this.

Recently, an unidentified man in Khammam threw a chappal at Pawan Kalyan's car during a road show. Pawan is set to contest Assembly elections in both the states.

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