TRS Youth Leader’s Third Woman Willing To Leave Him To Second Wife; For Child’s Sake

21 Nov, 2017 20:14 IST|Sakshi
Srinivas Reddy’s third wife Devi Jagadeeshwari; second wife Sangeetha with mother and her daughter sitting in deeksha at husband’s house for third day

Hyderabad: It may be a huge relief for the TRS youth leader, P. Srinivas Reddy, who was caught on camera shoving out his second wife from his house in Boduppal on Sunday. His third wife, Devi Jagadeeshwari, who married him after his second wife was away at her parents' place for three years, on Tuesday said she is not sticking on to her husband though she has no problem with him.

In an interview to a TV channel, Devi, who originally hails from Machilipatnam, wondered that how can a woman drag her husband on to the streets if she really wanted to continue her relationship with the man. "Srinivas Reddy and his parents treated me well during my stay at their home for the past six months or so. We married in Sri Kalahasti. I married him knowing very well that he had a legally wedded wife and not divorced her. It was like a love marriage as we knew each other for long. When I was under an impression that Sangeetha may divorce Srinivas Reddy, I came forward to marry him," she said.

Devi's mother Chamundeshwari, who earlier alleged that Srinivas Reddy lied to them to marry her daughter, also said it is fair to leave him to second wife as she had a child who needs a father. Both mother and daughter said the fault was on Sangeetha’s part and Srinivas Reddy is not an evil man as projected by her.

Meanwhile, Sangeetha is continuing her deeksha at her husband's house for the third day demanding restitution of her conjugal rights. Women's organizations expressed solidarity with Sangeetha and demanded action against Srinivas Reddy who is in police custody now.

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