TRS to get BJP, CPI support for RS elections?

23 Jan, 2014 12:32 IST|Sakshi
TRS to get BJP, CPI support for RS elections?

Hyderabad, Rajya Sabha Election notification which was released on Wednesday is making every party get ready with their strategies and future course of action.

According to reports, six candidates will contest in RS elections from Andhra Pradesh. According to political analysts, out of these six seats, Congress might win three, while TDP will get two. But there seems to be some amount of suspense over the sixth seat.

Analysts add that If TRS contest for that seat then CPI and BJP may extend their support. As per sources, this move will prevent TRS from seeking Congress's support.  

According to the present strength of the political parties Congress will win three and TDP two. If seventh candidate is willing to contest in the election he has to get at least 39 first preferential votes.

TRS has 23 votes presently, and if BJP and CPI supports it, the count will reach 30. Given the present situation, even MIM is ready to support TRS. It is not very difficult for TRS to gather support from Congress MLAs as well. 


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