TRS MPs React to Union Budget

1 Feb, 2018 20:01 IST|Sakshi
TRS leaders expressed unhappiness over the Union Budget with regard to the funds allocated to Telangana.

The Telangana Rastra Samiti (TRS) MPs mentioned there is a need for more clarity in regards to the allocation of funds to different states and regions in the Union Budget. They mentioned that the budget was presented keeping in view of the General Elections in 2019. They were hoping that the central government will allocate necessary budget to the state. The TRS MPs who spoke to media were Jitender Reddy and Vishweshwar Reddy.

Jitender Reddy said:

  • They have allocated budget to the departments and not to the states. This method of fund allocation was introduced last year.
  • This year's budget gave importance to infrastructure development, railways, farmers and water supply to every household.
  • Based on the need in the states, the budget is allocated to respective departments.
  • The necessities of the state has to be taken to the notice of the centre.
  • Central government will never be able to plan a budget like CM KCR. KCR understands the pulse of the people and designs the budget.
  • KCR devised welfare schemes like Mission Bhagiratha, pensions, double bed room houses, 6 kgs of rice to every person, Shadi Mubarak and Kalyana Lakshmi.
  • Our state budget can be easily understood even by a small kid. But there is no clarity in union budget.

K Vishweshwar Reddy said:

  • It is an attractive budget which was presented keeping in mind the upcoming polls next year.
  • Rural development and farmers have been given top priority.
  • They have allocated only Rs 11,000 crores for animal husbandry department and just Rs 2,000 crores for horticulture department.
  • Telangana budget is far ahead when compared to union budget. For sheep breeding, the state has allocated Rs 4,000 crores.
  • They have just announced the figures but there is no clarity on which state will get what.
  • If they invest on Telangana, the state contribute to the Nation. Country's highest tax contribution comes from Telangana.
  • Fund allocation for skill development among the unemployed is a welcome move as well as establishment of Ekalavya schools in tribal areas. Hope that we get Ekalavya schools in Tandur and Parigi which has large population of tribal people.
  • Centre has given funds for constructing own houses. Telangana is forefront in this and has already started double bed room houses scheme.
  • We have asked for funds for Mission Baghiratha, Kaktiya and irrigation projects. We hope that through water supply for every household, funds would come to Mission Baghiratha.
Telangana finance minister Etela Rajender

Meanwhile, Telangana finance minister Etela Rajender expressed unhappiness over the Union Budget. He said the budget does not have the approval of the people.

Addressing the media, on Thursday, he said a raw deal was given to Telangana state in the budget. “The state asked for Rs 40,000 crore funds while what was allocated was a fraction of that amount,” he said and questioned if Telangana was part of the country. “If the central government allocates more funds to progressive states like Telangana, it will inspire other states to work towards progress and development,” Etela Rajender added.

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