Bertha Benz, First Person To Drive A Car

25 Aug, 2018 14:00 IST|Sakshi
Bertha Benz in 1888

The invention of wheel by Ancient Greeks of Mesopotamia dates back to 3500 B.C., which could be described as the dawn of Industrial Revolution. Arguably the most important invention in human history, the wheel became the central catalyst for expansion of technology and development. However, it was only in 1888 that the wheel was steered into a path of glory with its application in the form of a vehicle. We live in a time when we do not seize to appreciate the brilliance behind the making of today's luxuries.

German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is honouring Karl Benz and Bertha Benz, the couple behind the invention of the first motor vehicle of any kind, the Patent Motorwagen model. In a two-minute video that shows Bertha Benz take the first ever ride on the model across 120 kms in countryside Southern Germany back in August of 1988, Mercedes-Benz relived the beginning of a revolution.

Bertha Benz, with the help of her sons, rode for the first time the Patent Motorwagen, the third prototype of Karl Benz's brainchild. In the video, Bertha is seen smiling in joy at the sheer pleasure of the ride, which went on to transform the way the world travelled. The engine ran out of oil and fuel, broke down due to a leakage in ignition, but nothing stopped Bertha from finishing the historic journey.

Almost 130 years into realizing the successful invention of the motor vehicle, Mercedes-Benz's video is a fitting tribute to Bertha's remarkable journey. Relive the moments in the video here:

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