Rana Daggubati’s Secret Side Revealed

20 Feb, 2020 11:00 IST|Sakshi
Rana Daggubati

Actress Seerat Kapoor says actor Rana Daggubati, who presents her Telugu film "Krishna And His Leela", is her dear friend and that people should not be fooled by his imposing physique.

Talking about the film, she said: "In the film, I play the character Ruksaar. She is a free-spirited woman who carries herself with a presence of mind. She is that one friend in the group who has mature conversations, often leaves others feeling tongue-tied. Her take on life and relationships is of a wise soul."

Seerat Kapoor

This isn't her first Telugu film. She had made her acting debut with a Telugu movie, "Run Raja Run", in 2014. "For me, Tollywood was fate. Tollywood was that key which unlocked my door at the time when I was discovering this new side of me. After the release of 'Run Raja Run', the kind of appreciation, adoration, and applause I received; it was all organic and natural for me to continue my journey in the industry," she said. After featuring in Hindi film "Zid" in 2014, she didn't take up any other Bollywood project after that. "We shot 'Zid' before 'Run Raja Run', however, it released after. After the release of 'Run Raja Run', I was quite occupied down south," she said. (IANS)

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