Director Puri Jagannadh Shaking His Leg In Ram Gopal Varma’s Film

24 Jun, 2019 20:22 IST|Sakshi
Puri Jagannadh, who himself a star director and comes from <a href="">Ram Gopal Varma</a>‘s school of direc

The film Shiva is a sensation in the Telugu cinema industry. It broke the continuum of the clichéd and formulaic films in Telugu and has set a trend that many filmmakers followed. An interesting titbit about this sensational moving is being circulated on the internet.

Puri Jagannadh, who himself a star director and comes from Ram Gopal Varma's school of directors, has acted in Shiva. You may not have realised it and may not have noticed the young Puri Jagannadh. But he is seen in the hit number "Botany Patamundhi..." where he is seen shaking his leg along with others.

To make your job easy, searching and figuring out, Shiva director Ram Gopal Varma himself posted a video on the Twitter showing Puri Jagannadh in action. "The junior artiste in blue shirt is today’s super director Puri Jagan ..Hey @purijagan WHAT A JOURNEY," he wrote on Twitter.

Watch the video here to find out

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