Kaushal Consistent, Has Clarity On Bigg Boss Game: Nani

27 Aug, 2018 12:45 IST|Sakshi
Nani And Kaushal

Kaushal is consistent, has clarity on bigg boss game: These are the words were said by none other than Telugu Bigg Boss 2 host Nani. Yes. The words came straight from the horse's mouth. We all know that there had been a cold war between Nani and popular Bigg Boss Contestant Kaushal since the time the show went on air. Or so it seemed. But like we said, it could have been a gimmick to keep the audience engaged. Wondering what we are talking about?

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Ever since the first episode of Bigg Boss 2 went live, Kaushal's fans called the Kaushal Army had been heavily criticising Nani for being partial towards Tanish and deliberately targeting their favourite contestant. The Bigg Boss host was also trolled for the same reason.

However, that seems to end now if they see this  video doing the rounds on social media. During his recent interaction with the Bigg boss contestants, Nani heaps praises on Kaushal saying he's the only contestant who's consistent and has clarity about how to play the game. Wait, we are not saying this. Have a look at this video posted on Instagram

So guys, what do you think? Do you think Nani too has given a clear indication that kaushal will win the title? Share your comments in the comments section below.

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