To stay close to wife, man kills infant

26 Nov, 2014 09:33 IST|Sakshi
To stay close to wife, man kills infant
In a shocking incident in Prakasham district, a one-and-a-half-year-old baby was brutally done to death and the killer turned out to be none other than the baby's uncle. The man killed the baby in the most brutal possible manner by wrenching her neck and then setting her on fire. The lively, innocent baby was reduced to a fistful of ash. According to the police, Baby Aradhya was reported missing from her home in Raja Panagal Road in Ongole. The parents lodged a complaint and began a frantic search. A bitterly crying baby's uncle Kondru Laxminarayana  too joined the search. However, police grew suspicious about Laxminarayana and questioned him. During the police questioning, he admitted to killing her and setting her on fire. He then took the poice to the site, where he had set the girl on fire.  He said he had killed the girl as she was increasingly becoming an obstacle in his spending time with his wife. The police have taken Laxminarayana into custody.
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