Tirupati to become smart city

15 Dec, 2015 13:46 IST|Sakshi
Tirupati to become smart city

Tirupati: The famous temple town is gearing up to achieve the smart city status as the authorities have drafted a plan with an estimated budget of Rs 2629 crore.The draft is being submitted to the Central government on Tuesday.

Tirupati Municipal Corporation and LEA Associates have estimated that it requires Rs 2629 crore in the next five years to acquire the status of smart city.

Rs 500 crore each would be spend by the Centre and state and the state government would spend additional Rs 81 crore. The civic body through its 'convergence' programme would raise Rs 491 crore and also planning to raise Rs 1057 crore through public-private partnership.

The civic body under `retrofitting programme' will make the city more efficient and give eminent facilities to the public. The civic body is yet to identify the land spread over 500 acres, once the land is identified than depending upon the infrastructure it would go ahead with the work.

The civic body has identified 20 problems so far and the top most priority is to give the public drinking water supply. Currently, temple town requires 67 million litres a day but it supplies 57 mld. It has also identified sewage as another major problem for the city.

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