This village worshiped RTC bus on New Year day

2 Jan, 2015 18:03 IST|Sakshi
This village worshiped RTC bus on New Year day

Cities like Hyderabad celebrate the New Year in style.

Guzzlers and tipplers have a field day and celebrities from the Tinsel town grace the occasion. 

But, Punaguda in Adilabad celebrated their New Year in style, unlike the cities though. Liquor flowed, dances and songs followed and there were celebrities too.
Know who were the celebrities? The driver and conductor of the lone rickety RTC bus that rattles in and out everyday. This RTC bus is their only lifeline with the outside world. This bus ferries everyone from patients to students is the most valued thing for Punaguda.
The villagers, mostly tribals, celebrated the event by felicitating driver Anjaiah and conductor Ashok Kumar. They sand and danced in gay abandon. They also decorated the bus tastefully.
The tribals prayed for the long life of the driver and conducted and the progress and prosperity of the RTC.


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