This UP Student’s Answer Paper Will Stump You!

4 Apr, 2018 20:26 IST|Sakshi
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We heard that many students, being unprepared, write very strange things in their answer sheets. The responses range from Hanuman Chalisa to requests to the invigilators to cinema stories. Some students go to the extent of putting currency notes in the paper, while others write in all the sheets name of their favourite deity.

But here is a strange case in Uttar Pradesh. A student studying in the intermediate has gone a step ahead and addressed his love message through the answer sheet. Writing the UP Board's intermediate examination, he started answering his chemistry paper by writing, "I love my Pooja." And continued at the bottom of the sheet in Hindi, " Yeh mohabbat bhi kya cheez hai, na jeene deti hai aur na marne… Sir, iss love story ne padhai se duur kar diya warna… (This love is a strange thing. It doesn’t let you live nor does it allow you to die; Sir, this love story didn’t let me study for the exam, or else…).”

A typical answer sheet

Apart from this the rest of the answer sheet is blank but for a drawing of heart pierced by an arrow. Talking about the answer sheets, the district education department official points out that students have different ways of expressing their inability to study or other factors responsible for their poor performance in the examinations. "From emotional blackmails to pleading the examiners, all can be read in these sheets."

One such emotional appeal was: “I have got no mother and my father will kill me you fail me.” Another student writes, “Guruji ko copy kholne se pehle namaskar. Guruji, pas kar dein. Chitthi tu ja sir ke pass, sir ki marzi fail karein ya pass (Accept my greetings before you begin to check this answer sheet. Please pass me. O, my letter, you fly to the teacher, it’s up to him if he fails me or not).”

It is known fact that most of messages are written to attract sympathy. Whether the messages in the answer sheets are of any help to the student or not, but they provide some relief during the hectic evaluation schedule.

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