The opposition still shivers on hearing YSR's name: Jagan

31 Jan, 2014 20:32 IST|Sakshi
The opposition still shivers on hearing YSR's name: Jagan

Naidupeta, "We will achieve Samaikyandhra by breaking the walls of Delhi's kingdom," said YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Friday at Naidupeta in Nellore district, during Samaikya Sankharavam.

"Discussions on the Telanagana Bill took place for 44 days, yet TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu continues to maintain a double stand on bifurcation issue. He is mouthing Samaikyandhra slogan on one hand, and Jai Telangana on the other," said Jagan.

"YS Rajashekhara Reddy dreamt about providing education to every poor family. YSR's idea of development was not curtailed by barriers like caste, religion,regions and politics.  The opposition still shivers, hearing his name," Jagan added. 

He further pointed out that, "A true politician should be like my father who gave confidence to people, not like Naidu. Leaders should live in hearts of people even after their death, like YSR."

"We will show the strength of Telugu people in coming general election. This time, it will be a fight between Delhi arrogance and the Telugu self respect and we should teach the treacherous leaders of Congress and TDP a lesson by winning 30 MPs seats in the elections. Then we shall see who will divide the State,” he said.


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