Electrical, Automobile Markets Back Into Brisk Business In Hyderabad

19 May, 2020 20:14 IST|Sakshi
Shops opened at Troop Bazar

HYDERABAD: With the lockdown restrictions lifted, major markets in Hyderabad such as electrical, electronics and automobile markets resumed sales and operations from Monday. As a result, many consumers thronged to Troop Bazar Electronic Market, Automobile markets in areas such as Ram Koti, FeelKhana and Secunderabad. It is reported that the large scale business was done in one single day.

The shopkeepers reopened shops adhering to the norms as per guidelines. Hand sanitizers were provided at the shops. Special staff were put in place to ensure consumers maintain social distance while standing in queues.

Many of the shops are also adopting online sale methods to avoid overcrowding. Shopkeepers have set up their own websites so that consumers can order online and goods could be delivered through transport. Guidelines have been issued to traders where they were advised not to sell goods unless the customers wore face masks.

"We mostly suggest the customers to go online for purchasing goods. We are very thankful to the government which allowed us to open shops,'' said Srinivas Gupta, President to Telangana Automobile Dealer Association.

'' We have been doing this business here in Koti since 30 years. It is the first time that shops were closed for nearly 50 days. With the permission from the government, we have opened shops from Monday. The summer business has started from today. Coolers, ACs, fans etc are being sold on a large scale,'' said Jithender Tiwari, a Merchant.

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