Telangana Police Pays Tribute To Punjab Cop, Harjeet Singh

28 Apr, 2020 14:12 IST|Sakshi
Telangana Police Participating In #MainBhiHarjeetSingh Campaign

HYDERABAD: The Telangana Police participated in 'Main Bhi Harjeet Singh' campaign on Monday and wore name plates bearing the name of Harjeet Singh, in support of the ASI whose hand was dismembered in an attack in Patiala on April 12.

In a press release, Anjani Kumar, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad said, "Today more than 2,000 police officers wore the nameplate of brave Harjeet Singh of our fraternity. We feel proud that we wear the same khaki which he wears," he said.

Punjab Police launched the campaign on April 26, where the police personnel are being exhorted to replace their own name with Harjeet's name on their badges.

This initiative was started to support their colleague Sub-Inspector Harjeet Singh whose hand was chopped off while he was trying to impose COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in the state. He was attacked by group of criminals who were asked to show their curfew passes at a vegetable market in Patiala on April 12 amid lockdown.

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