In Telangana, Mango Pickle Will Bite You More In The Pocket This Year!

27 Apr, 2020 16:57 IST|Sakshi
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JANGAON URBAN: This summer, 'avakai' (mango pickle) lovers will have to shell out more as the pickle is set to get dearer due to the decrease in crop production in Telangana.

Getting into the details, about 2,301 farmers in the district of Jangaon are growing mangoes across 9,405 acres. These include orchards in 3,419 acres in Janagaon Revenue Division, 4,063 acres in Station Ghanpur Division and 1,922 acres in Palakurthi Division. Horticulture officials had estimated a yield of 1,631 metric tonnes of produce but only 9 to 10 thousand metric tonnes are expected in reality this year.

Officials are also not foreseeing good yields even from the 12 mandals in the three divisions of the district. Usually orchards, which are well taken care of, yield about four tonnes per acre. But as per the latest estimates, it is not expected to go past 2 to 2.5 tonnes, keeping in view the prevailing situation. Almost, 50 per cent of the gardens have been damaged by untimely rains and the delay in flowering has adversely affected the production of mangoes in the State.

Typically, a mango weighing 50 grams would be sold for between Rs 4 and Rs 6. However, this time the mango of the same size might cost Rs 8 to 10, which is not surprising, say the horticulture officials.

“There are many places where the trees are still in flowering stage in the district. Though the original target was 16,000 metric tonnes, we are not expecting more than 10,000 metric tonnes”, said KR Latha, Jangaon District Horticulture and Sericulture Officer.

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