High Tension At Tank Bund, Police Arrests Ashwathama Reddy

9 Nov, 2019 16:52 IST|Sakshi
High Tension at Tank Bund, Police Arrests Ashwathama Reddy

HYDERABAD: The Telangana police who are making attempts to bring control over the unrest situation in Tank Bund, arrested RTC JAC convenor Ashwathama Reddy at Liberty. Police even arrested BJP MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar. Police shifted them to the nearby police station. They have used tear gas to chase away the people who forcibly rushed towards Tank Bund. Police had taken preventive custody of about 2,000 people who has given open call for 'Chalo Tank Bund'.

Police has denied granting permission for 'Chalo Tank Bund' keeping in view the inconvenience that will be generated due to this movement. They provided three layered security at Tank Bund to stop the agitating TSRTC employees from protesting at Tank Bund. But the agitating TSRTC employees enters into the Tank Bund premises by removing the barricades.

High tension prevails on the tank bund when around 50 RTC employess rushed towards tank bund after breaking the police barricades. Police had arrested all of them. TSRTC JAC union and employees have been holding protests all over the state.

RTC employees expressed their anger towards CM KCR led Telangana governmnet for their unpaid salaries for past two months.

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